Second Exechon International Licensee Conference Held during EMO2009 in Milan

Updated: 2009/10/26

      The Second Exechon International Licensee Conference was held during EMO2009 in Milan, Italy. The conference was hosted by Exechon. Representatives of manufacturing licensees, integration licensees, key suppliers, and other invited guests and reporters attended the conference.


      During the conference, Exechon presented the S-series models and launched the new X300S design. The S-series now contains, from small to large in size, X300S, X500S, X700S, X900S, and X1100S. OptikosQ presented and launched the new Auto Calibration Package specifically designed for the Exechon PKM. Representatives of licensees and key suppliers also presented on their relative development for the Exechon PKM or introduction to their company or related products.