File Name: (Article)Adaptive In-Jig High Load Exechon Machining & Assembly Technology
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Author: Karl-Erik Neumann
Publish Time: 2008-10-05
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Abstract: The high requirements for complete machining and assembly in jigs, replacing traditional pre-machining of individual components prior to assembly, is boosting the development of new machining technologies, such as flexible and mobile machining equipment and new tools and processes. Tomorrow"s airplanes are designed around large sub-components with vast tolerances, that is impossible to pre-machine prior to assembly, but has to be machined in the assembly jigs, using adaptive machines with the capability to drill up to 1,5 inches diameter and 8 inches deep holes in titanium in one shot, without deforming the component being drilled. The machines and processes must also have the capability to circular interpolate holes from 1/4 inch up to 2,5 inches in stack material, consisting of titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber, maintaining tolerances of H7 without delamination and/or deformation of the components. An increased demand for high productivity also increases t