First international Exechon license conference

Updated: 2008/7/25


   The First International Exechon License Conference was hosted by Exechon and held during July 23-25, 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden .



   Experts and managers from nearly twenty different companies across ten different countries(regions) attended the conference, including licensee companies Ann Arbor Machine, Brotje Automation, Leadwell, Gudel, Harbin Measuring and Cutting Tool (HMCT), Hwacheon, Ingersoll Production Systems, Queens University,  ThyssenKrupp, major suppliers and sponsors Siemens, Sandvik Coromant, potential end user Airbus, and other related companies.



   Each of above named companies gave a presentation at the conference introducing its plans, requirements, or demands, and an one on one workshop session was also arranged to promote further interaction and cooperation among the group. Ascentech Corp also presented for the status and goal of the ExechonWorld website.


   The conference was highly successful.