PKM in Other Applications

Updated: 2008/4/4

Peugeot & Citroën

      Other field where PKM machines are used is Automotive Power Train. The PSA group is successfully using a number of machines for machining of engine blocks and cylinder heads and the machines have now been running over five (5) years in three shifts with high uptime.





      A relatively new area for PKM machine is for trains and the first machine is used by Ahlstom in Spain for machining of windows and doors in train carriages. The application consists of a PKM machine mounted in a gantry with a travel of 60m machining two complete sides of a train in one set-up. The installation has been in production for some time now and this technology should now be ready to market further within this field.





      Caterpillar in USA has approached PKM machines for a long time and is now ready to take on the challenge of machining thick steel structures that a Caterpillar machines is made of. During the verification process a specific test part for Caterpillar has been successfully machined with a PKM machine including circular interpolation to H7 tolerances and drilling of 21mm holes as well as thread milling of M23 threads. Caterpillar is very impressed of the results and has stated that the PKM machine is the No.1 ranking in Caterpillars plan to replace old 5-axis machines in the coming years.