AMC & ILP for Exechon PKM

Updated: 2008/9/30

Active Measurement Compensation (AMC)

      Exechon, together with Optikos Q, a partner of Exechon, has developed a unique calibration system, using three angular encoders mounted on the lower linkages. This technology makes it possible to measure the true position of the 5-axis manipulator head of the Exechon PKM machine, giving the possibility to calibrate and verify all parameters of the upper tripod and to transfer these into the Kinematics model, resulting in a PKM system that for the first time in the world, will have the capability to perform as a CNC machine in all tolerance aspects.

      The system is called AMC, Active Measuring Compensation, and by programming the machine into various positions in space, while letting the AMC record each position by recalculating the angles between the tripod legs (actuators) and the manipulator head (lower platform) into true Cartesian positions, and by putting this into a database, the information needed to recalculate and compensate the Kinematics of the whole machine is available.

      The system can, as mentioned, be programmed to collect data from various positions in space and also, for very high requirements, it will be possible to collect data from a full NC part program for a specific case, which gives the possibility to dry-run an NC program, collect data in the AMC, and then compensate all positions in the NC program and create extremely accurate operations for a specific part program.


In Line Production (ILP) Verification

      As a step in the process of developing a system for safe programming and verification of PKM systems, it is vital to be able to check a part program in relation to a real part and the real NC program, not to be compared with simulations which only “check” a part program in relation to a virtual machine and a virtual machine program, but making it possible to run a simulated machine, in its real kinematics, from the real drives in the CNC controller.

      This idea is tested in a Siemens technology forum and it is understood that this is the first time an NC machine should be able to run its program on an operator screen in real time, on a real controller, on real axis data, delivered by the drives. This system is developed by Optikos Q, supported by Visual Components in Finland as well as Siemens Automation and Drives in Germany, and the ILP in combination with AMC will open up a new world in the CNC business.