PKM in Automotive Frames

Updated: 2008/4/5


      The first Automotive user that used a PKM machine in its production was GM for assembly and they were also the first user of parts being machined by a PKM machine. Hydro was the first supplier to GM to use a PKM machine for their production of aluminum frames. One of the most famous cars, the new Corvette, is partly produced using PKM machines by Hydro, Dana and GM that currently utilize five PKM machines with turn tables to produce the Wind Shield Frame, Main Body Frame and the Side Rails.



      The biggest prestige user, so far, is BMW for the production of the new 5 and 6 series cars. BMW made a deep and careful analyze of PKM machines, as an alternative to conventional machines, and came to the conclusion that for the manufacturing of the front and rear axle, of the new 5 and 6 series cars, a PKM machine was outstanding in all the areas that were set out as criteria. Today there are ten PKM machines in full production, machining the front and rear axles completely from raw material to fully finished parts ready to assemble. According to BMW all expectations has been fulfilled and also in many cases been exceeded.



      Another very successful user is the PSA group (Peugeot & Citroen). One system contains thirteen PKM machines with turn tables and produces high volumes of the front and rear axle to the new Peugeot 407. The system has also fulfilled, and in many cases exceeded, the expectation of the PSA group and the quality as well as up-time produced by this line is very high. PSA has currently over 25 PKM Machines in production.